What is InsightEdge?


InsightEdge is a high performance Spark distribution for low latency workloads, high availability, and hybrid transactional/analytical processing in one unified solution.



  • Exposes Data Grid as Spark RDDs
  • Saves Spark RDDs to Data Grid
  • Full DataFrames and Dataset API support with persistence
  • Transparent integration with SparkContext using Scala implicits
  • Ability to select and filter data from Data Grid with arbitrary SQL and leverage Data Grid indexes
  • Running SQL queries in Spark over Data Grid
  • Data locality between Spark and Data Grid nodes
  • Storing MLlib models in Data Grid
  • Saving Spark Streaming computation results in Data Grid
  • Geospatial API, full geospatial queries support in DataFrames and RDDs
  • Interactive Web Notebook
  • Python support
  • Windows support