Quick Start Guide

In this tutorial, you will learn how to start InsightEdge and run examples locally. You can download the latest InsightEdge distribution from here and unpack it to any location.

Starting InsightEdge

The InsightEdge cluster consists of Spark and a Data Grid. To start the minimum cluster locally, run the following command:

./sbin/insightedge.sh --mode demo
sbin\insightedge.cmd --mode demo

This will start Spark, the Data Grid and an interactive Web Notebook:

  • Spark Master web ui is running at
  • Web Notebook is running at

Running the examples

Open the web notebook at and run any of the available examples.


After you are done with examples, you can shutdown local environment with next command:

./sbin/insightedge.sh --mode shutdown
sbin\insightedge.cmd --mode shutdown